We Know What’s Going on in Our Community: A Qualitative Analysis Identifying Community Assets that Deter Gun Violence

A. Parsons, T. D. Harvey, S. D. Andrade, N. Horton, L. Brinkley-Rubenstein, G. Wood, L. W. Holaday, C. Riley, V. T. Spell, A. V. Papachristos, E. A. Wang, and B. Roy ⸱ SSM

gun violence

The USA has the highest rate of community gun violence of any developed democracy. There is an urgent need to develop feasible, scalable and community-led interventions that mitigate incident gun violence and its associated health impacts. Our community-academic research team received National Institutes of Health funding to design a community-led intervention that mitigates the health impacts of living in communities with high rates of gun violence.